Sunday, September 28, 2014

MLB Postseason Predictions

American League Wild Card: Kansas City over Oakland
National League Wild Card: Pittsburgh over San Francisco

American League Division Series:
Detroit over Baltimore
L.A. Angels over Kansas City

National League Division Series:
L.A. Dodgers over St. Louis
Washington over Pittsburgh

American League Championship Series: Detroit over L.A. Angels
National League Championship Series: L.A. Dodgers over Washington

World Series: Detroit over L.A. Dodgers

Pedro Favre's Preseason World Series was Washington over the L.A. Angels.  That said, Pedro Favre would prefer to see Pittsburgh over St. Louis in the NLCS, Kansas City over Baltimore in the ALCS and Pittsburgh over Kansas City in the World Series.

Pedro Favre's Award Winners -

National League MVP: Clayton Kershaw
American League MVP: Mike Trout

National League Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw
American League Cy Young: Felix Hernandez

National League Rookie of the Year: Billy Hamilton
American League Rookie of the Year: Jose Abreu

National League Manager of the Year: Clint Hurdle
American League Manager of the Year: Buck Showalter

Pedro Favre would normally say that a pitcher should not win the MVP.  However, Pedro Favre's namesake, Pedro Martinez, brought up a great point today...if the voters decided that Justin Verlander was good enough to be the MVP a few years back, then how can voters tell Clayton Kershaw that he isn't good enough to be the MVP this year (particularly when his season, by all accounts, is superior to the season Verlander had in his MVP campaign)?  Pedro Favre would still prefer to see either Giancarlo Stanton or Andrew McCutchen win the NL MVP, but when Pedro Martinez speaks, Pedro Favre listens!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Justin Verlander Is SO Sweet!

NFL Predictions

AFC East:
1. New England
2. Buffalo
3. Miami
4. N.Y. Jets

AFC North:
1. Pittsburgh
2. Baltimore
3. Cincinnati
4. Cleveland

AFC South:
1. Indianapolis
2. Tennessee
3. Houston
4. Jacksonville

AFC West:
1. Denver
2. Kansas City
3. San Diego
4. Oakland

AFC Wild Card Round:
Tennessee over Indianapolis
Pittsburgh over Baltimore

AFC Divisional Round:
Denver over Tennessee
New England over Pittsburgh

AFC Championship:
Denver over New England

NFC East:
1. Philadelphia
2. N.Y. Giants
3. Dallas
4. Washington

NFC North:
1. Green Bay
2. Detroit
3. Chicago
4. Minnesota

NFC South:
1. New Orleans
2. Atlanta
3. Carolina
4. Tampa Bay

NFC West:
1. Seattle
2. San Francisco
3. Arizona
4. St. Louis

NFC Wild Card Round:
Arizona over Seattle
Green Bay over San Francisco

NFC Divisional Round:
New Orleans over Arizona
Green Bay over Philadelphia

NFC Championship:
New Orleans over Green Bay

Super Bowl:
Denver over New Orleans

Super Bowl MVP: Peyton Manning
Regular Season MVP: Peyton Manning
Offensive Player of the Year: Drew Brees
Defensive Player of the Year: J.J. Watt
Coach of the Year: Ken Whisenhunt
Offensive Rookie of the Year: Bishop Sankey
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Ryan Shazier

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

College Football Predictions

ACC Atlantic Division:
1. Florida State
2. Clemson
3. Louisville
4. Syracuse
5. Boston College
6. N.C. State
7. Wake Forest

ACC Coastal Division:
1. Pittsburgh
2. Miami
3. Virginia Tech
4. North Carolina
5. Duke
6. Georgia Tech
7. Virginia

ACC Championship: Florida State over Pittsburgh

Big Ten East Division:
1. Michigan State
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan
4. Indiana
5. Penn State
6. Maryland
7. Rutgers

Big Ten West Division:
1. Wisconsin
2. Iowa
3. Nebraska
4. Northwestern
5. Minnesota
6. Illinois
7. Purdue

Big Ten Championship: Michigan State over Wisconsin

Big 12:
1. Baylor
2. Oklahoma
3. Texas
4. Kansas State
5. Oklahoma State
6. Texas Tech
7. TCU
8. Iowa State
9. West Virginia
10. Kansas

Pac-12 North Division:
1. Stanford
2. Oregon
3. Washington
4. Oregon State
5. Washington State
6. California

Pac-12 South Division:
2. USC
3. Arizona
4. Arizona State
5. Utah
6. Colorado

Pac-12 Championship: UCLA over Stanford

SEC East Division:
1. Georgia
2. South Carolina
3. Tennessee
4. Florida
5. Missouri
6. Kentucky
7. Vanderbilt

SEC West Division:
1. Alabama
2. Auburn
3. Ole Miss
4. LSU
5. Texas A&M
6. Mississippi State
7. Arkansas

SEC Championship: Georgia over Alabama

College Football Playoff -
Sugar Bowl: No. 4 Alabama over No. 1 Florida State
Rose Bowl: No. 2 Baylor over No. 3 Georgia
Championship Bowl: No. 2 Baylor over No. 4 Alabama

Heisman Trophy:
1. Bryce Petty
2. Marcus Mariota
3. Jameis Winston
4. T.J. Yeldon
5. Tyler Boyd

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014-15 Premier League Predicted Table

There's no point in going into detail...below are Pedro Favre's thoughts with regards to the English Premier League table this season:

1. Arsenal
2. Chelsea
3. Manchester United
4. Manchester City
5. Liverpool
6. Everton
7. Tottenham Hotspur
8. Aston Villa
9. Newcastle United
10. Swansea City
11. Stoke City
12. Crystal Palace
13. West Ham United
14. Queens Park Rangers
15. Southampton
16. Hull City
17. Leicester City
18. Sunderland
19. West Bromwich Albion
20. Burnley

Golden Boot: Robin Van Persie

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Hot 10

Pedro Favre recently reviewed the Maxim Hot 100, the magazine's annual ranking of the world's most beautiful women.  Candice Swanepoel, she of Victoria's Secret fame, earned the distinction as this year's #1.  Not only does Pedro Favre love himself some babes, but he also loves himself some lists.  As such, Pedro Favre, using only the girls who appear on this year's Hot 100 (sincere apologies go out to the likes of Tiffani Thiessen, Vanessa Marcil and Marisa Miller, among others), lists his 2014 Hot 10 below:

10. Eva Marie

Not Pedro Favre's current favorite WWE Diva (that would be Nikki Bella), but a WWE Diva nonetheless which certainly gets her on this wrestling fan's Top 10.  From Maxim: "This WWE hellcat stars on the wrestling babe reality show Total Divas, but before she broke into the grappling game, the half-Mexican, half-Italian hottie played soccer in college (Pedro Favre LOVES himself some soccer girls!).  Clearly, she's no stranger to the sporting life."

9. Noureen DeWulf

Pedro Favre loves himself some FX shows, and this babe is as hot as anyone the station employs not named Lana Kane.  From Maxim: "On Anger Management, this brunette beauty plays a scorned woman who shoots her philandering boyfriend.  For the sake of her real-life husband, St. Louis Blues goalie Ryan Miller (Pedro Favre LOVES himself some USA Hockey players!), it's a good thing life doesn't imitate art."

8. Ronda Rousey

She might be a bitch and annoying, as witness on The Ultimate Fighter, but there is no denying the fact that "Rowdy" is a hot bitch.  From Maxim: "There are few men who wouldn't submit to the UFC women's bantamweight champion (and armbar specialist).  Check out 'Rowdy' Rousey in the upcoming The Expendables 3 and Entourage (but for your safety, don't let her actually catch you checking her out).

7. Nina Agdal

There are few things in this world better than the SI Swimsuit issue, and this girl may be the next big thing for the magazine.  From Maxim: "Something is sexy in the state of Denmark, thanks to this 22-year-old SI Swimsuit cover girl. She's a very legitimate answer to the question 'Who will be the world's next great supermodel."  Agdal goes on to say..."I got really into beer recently, and now that's all I want to drink, to be honest."  AWESOME!

6. Irina Shayk

Lots going on for her right now: SI Swimsuit, massive curves and the notion that her boyfriend is probably the world's greatest footballer at the moment.  From Maxim: "Her Portuguese soccer star boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo, may be the talk of this year's World Cup, but we'd wager that the first ever Russian SI Swimsuit issue cover girl will be Portugal's real secret weapon.  Just how are opponents supposed to focus on the game with her in the stands?  You can catch her in this summer's Paramount blockbuster Hercules opposite Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and on the July cover of this very magazine!"

5. Miesha Tate

Pedro Favre LOVES himself some UFC, and this beaut is his current favorite women's fighter.  From Maxim: "Had we not included the UFC's second ranked female fighter in the Hot 100, she might have kicked our asses.  But the real reason she made the list has less to do with her ferocious fists and more to do with her killer body."

4. Arianny Celeste

Arianny has been so hot for so long that she is almost taken for granted.  Not so here!  From Maxim: "UFC's ultimate Octagon Girl has conquered the cage, the cover of Maxim, and everything in between.  Look for her in the gym or at an MMA bout carrying a sign that says, um, well, something.  We've honestly never looked at the sign."

3. Kate Upton

Though it's not his favorite, she may indeed be the actual hottest female on the planet.  From Maxim: "For the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, the beyond-bodacious, Michigan-born beauty posed in a bikini on an Antarctic glacier and braved frostbite.  This year the magazine shot her floating around a plane in zero gravity.  Hey SI?  Can you please stop trying to kill one of the hottest women on Earth?"

2. Brooklyn Decker

Pedro Favre's favorite couple in the world is Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick. Since Roddick didn't make the Hot 100 list, it is Decker who makes the Top 10 by default.  From Maxim: "Though her name makes her sound like a pugilist from the 1950s, this swimsuit/bodypaint model is a modern-day knockout.  Her next bit?  Playing a feisty fiancĂ©e on the new CBS sitcom Friends with Better Lives."

1. Gina Carano

Was there really any doubt?  Pedro Favre would marry this girl in a heartbeat!  From Maxim: "This ex-MMA brawler was tapped by director Steven Soderbergh to be the world's sexiest black ops supersoldier in 2011's Haywire, and she's been kicking cinematic butt ever since - most recently in the action flick In the Blood with professional badass Danny Trejo."

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Best FX Shows

Pedro Favre is a HUGE fan of the basic cable network FX.  Launched on June 1, 1994, FX is celebrating its 20th birthday.  As such, Pedro Favre lists below his Top 10 FX shows of all time:

10. American Horror Story (2011-Present)

Well received by television critics, American Horror Story also consistently draws high ratings for the network.  Described as an anthology series, each season is conceived as a self-contained miniseries.  The show has had sweet dudes (Dylan McDermott) as well as a bunch of hot chicks (Connie Britton, Jessica Lange, Taissa Farmiga).

9. The Americans (2013-Present)

Speaking of hot chicks, it doesn't get much better than Keri Russell working as a Soviet KGB officer on The Americans.  Noah Emmerich, who plays Stan Beeman on the show, is one of the more underrated actors out there, in Pedro Favre's opinion; dude has been good on this show as well as in the movies Miracle and Beautiful Girls.

8. Archer (2009-Present)

The hottest animated chick ever created is Lana Kane, voiced by Aisha Tyler.  Shit, even Cheryl "Carol" Tunt (voiced by Judy Greer) and Pam Poovey (voiced by Amber Nash) were attractive this past season, with Pam developing an addiction to cocaine that left her with an extremely thin waist and massive tits.

7. Wilfred (2011-Present)

The upcoming fourth season will be the last for this surprisingly good show, which was moved to FXX in an effort to expand the network's programming offerings.  For crying out loud, the show stars Elijah Fucking Wood, the dude who played Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Fiona Gubelmann, who plays Jenna, is hot, but the true star of the show is clearly Jason Gann, the actor who plays the title character.

6. Justified (2010-Present)

Raylan Givens, the show's main character played by Timothy Olyphant, might be the most badass character on TV today.  Natalie Zea, who plays Raylan's estranged wife Winona, is so hot.  The upcoming sixth season in 2015 will the show's last.

5. The League (2009-Present)

Another show moved to FXX, The League has improved in quality every season.  A great ensemble cast includes the likes of Nick Kroll (Ruxin), Stephen Rannazzisi (Kevin) and the attractive Katie Aselton (Jenny).  The recurring characters, such as Sofia, Rafi and Dirty Randy, are stellar, too.  Great cast, great plotlines (centered around fantasy football, after all) and great guest stars make this a great show.

4. The Shield (2002-2008)

In all honesty, The Shield is probably the best show that FX has ever produced, though Pedro Favre prefers just a few others over this one.  This is to take nothing against The Shield, which was a show of the highest quality.  Starring Michael Chiklis, The Shield was named one of the Top 100 Greatest Shows of All-Time by Time Magazine, with the series receiving high critical acclaim as well as several awards and nominations.

3. Sons of Anarchy (2008-Present)

The best dramatic show on TV today, in Pedro Favre's opinion, is this doozy of a show created by Kurt Sutter.  It is believed that the upcoming season will be the show's final one, with Sutter in talks with FX to make a prequel.  Simply put, Sons is FX's highest rated series ever and has made a bona fide star out of main character Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller).  Lots of real quality actors, including Katey Sagal, Ron Perlman and Jimmy Smits have leant their talents to this show, too.

2. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005-Present)

Yet another stellar show moved to FXX, Sunny is just fucking incredible, so good that it has found a home in syndication on the likes of Comedy Central and WGN America.  "The Gang", consisting of Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito, work so well together and definitely push the envelope as much as they can for a show on basic cable. 

1. Rescue Me (2004-2011)

Pedro Favre often waxes nostalgic, but he has no doubt that Rescue Me is his favorite FX show of all time.  Created by Denis Leary, who also starred in the show as the main character, Rescue Me focused on the professional and personal lives of a group of New York City firefighters in the post-9/11 world.  An amazing opening theme ("C'mon C'mon" by The Von Bondies) and a bunch of hot babes (Andrea Roth, Callie Thorne, Daniel Sunjata) were just icing on the cake for this show, which did a masterful job incorporating great humor into a dramatic show.

Some of the other great FX shows that Pedro Favre has enjoyed over the years include The Bridge (2013-Present), Terriers (2010), Lights Out (2011) and Legit (2013-2014).